Tuesday, 28 May 2013

New Designers Checklist

Here is my checklist that I will be working towards in order to ready my work for New Designers -

  • Revisit Atka's design and develop the look of his face.
  • Create animated running and jumping sequences of Amarok 
  • Create the crystal ice cavern environment for 'in-game' action stills of Amarok (Bullet-time-esque camera pans) to make sure that this project is read by viewers as a game. 
  • Work out the action shots and then recreate them in 3D
  • If timescale allows attempt to create a transformation sequence (Would first have to be conceived as a 2D animatic sequence then created in Maya and After Effects.
  • Revisit the making of document of the project and improve ready for publishing.
  • Design business cards to hand out.

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