Saturday, 2 February 2013

Tutorial and Ideas for the body shape of the boy

Starting up with the boy the main point of the design is to be simplistic, stylistic and cute. Thinking around the gameplay his design will be based around being able to climb and swim well. Talking to Alan earlier in the tutorial about Alex The Kidd game on the master system has given me the idea to look into using the bigger hands and feet in combat combining with the elements to attack enemies with big fists/feet. Also I need to look into the storyline with the 'defeat' of bosses as it comes across as being to dark. Boss battles need to be thought about as to how they are dealt with. Again talking about Alex the Kidd and the rock, paper, scissors battle at the end of a level to defeat a boss. In this game I think a method of thought should be in place to beat the boss. Maybe look into having the boss taunt the character while the player has to traverse a platform puzzle and having to toggle certain environmental events to weaken the boss character. This in turn would lead to instead of killing the boss maybe the boss breaking down to tears and run away in a comedic fashion or a 'death' by turning to the spirit world again in a comedic fashion.


  1. Personally, I think body shape 4 is the best. I also like the idea of using his fur collar to suggest ears - perhaps you could animate the "ears" to emphasise certain emotions?

  2. Thanks for the feedback Dan and the "ears" in the fur was something I had in mind just didn't know whether it would work. I like the idea of emulating wolf like emotions through the fur I think it would add a higher depth of cuteness. Thanks again :)