Friday, 8 February 2013

Todays tutorial

My tutorial with Alan went really went today and I have come away feeling positive with this project. My next step is to continue working into the clothing which I have used for the boy and then work into a colour palette to start bringing the character to life. We talked about the wolf and I we agreed that number 4 of the previous post was the strongest yet it still needed some work to strengthen its design further in terms of the outline shape. Then after I've adjusted that I need to look into putting the characters side by side to make sure they draw similarities. Alan suggested the patterns of the boys clothing being part of the wolf's fur and also enhancing the size of the wolf's feet to emit the design of the boy (We also discussed the implement of the boys eye shape to make sure there are similarities.) Something that I didn't pay much attention to last project Alan suggested to make sure that this project is successful as a whole package that I begin to invest some time in working on branding. I will look into other examples as inspiration and provide my project with a stable support throughout the design process to showcase everything and give it a professional edge. Alan suggested I look into a short animation named I, Pet Goat II in terms of design for my environment and the stylistic and wave-like shapes that are produced are beautiful and will provide a great inspiration. 

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