Tuesday, 19 February 2013

My chat with Justin

Justin Wyatt was in uni today giving us the opportunity to ask him for guidance on our projects. He was incredibly helpful and has given me some sound advice for me to continue to improve the design of this project and continue moving it forward. I showed Justin my designs and he was pleased with the the work so far but offered a lot of advice. The boy - Amarok is the much more realised character of the two but Justin advised that I needed to look into bringing slight changes to better the design. For example the wolf is bulky around its shoulders with fur and Justin suggested that I utilised the fur hood more and lower it to bulk up the characters shoulder area. He also suggested that the limbs of the character may need to change and become thinner much like the legs of wolves and then play on the design of the boots and add changes that make them more wolf-like. Other slight changes to facial features have been noted as well which I will work into the design. (showing of teeth, eyes wider apart, better hair design, more wolf-like nose)

After my tutorial with Alan on Friday I tried to work into giving the wolf characteristics of pride, wisdom and speed. Also I was trying to find a way to get the wolf to inherit characteristics of the boy to make the characters gel together more as a pair. My initial idea was to somehow transfer the patterns of the boys clothes onto the wolves fur.

Justin took a look at this today and explained that I need to look into the underlying body shapes to truly figure out the wolf and then start to work into the design. He drew out some examples for me and this helped me to understand the anatomy of the wolf better. He also said that transferring the patterns straight over to the wolf may not work but by adding fur-like shapes and adding splashes of similar colours to them would be as effective. The bottom image of my wolf exploration was the strongest which we both agreed as the anatomy of the legs were stronger and I think conveys pride within the wolf the most.

I'm excited to explore these changes to the characters in an attempt to make sure these are the best versions that they can be. Thankyou to Justin for his time and feedback today it was extremely helpful 

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