Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Character Design First Lesson

For our first lesson of the character design unit we looked at different types of character design (mainly the Disney way) in heroes, villians and sidekicks. This was enjoyable and opened up my eyes to the similar format that Disney uses on their main characters. We were handed cards and chose 2 which we would then splice together to create 3 characters as if they were a reboot of a popular 80's cartoon.

I picked out Pirate Monsters. I'm pleased with pick but I know I have to be careful in not bordering the lines of Pirates of the Caribbean. I'm looking forward to the unit and learning much about character design to improve my imagination and my overall work.

Within the lesson we were given a task of splicing two things together. My first pick from the cards was a Martian Elvis. The first thing to grasp was which time in Elvis' life would I portray this character in and for me it was a no brainer as being the more comedic fat Elvis. The first drawing I created however I was thinking more on the stereotypical alien known as a 'gray' which I didn't think was successful and I wasn't entirely comfortable.

 As you can see from what I've written on the sheet I needed to do a bit more thinking and let myself loose a bit more. I thought about a splice between the Martians from Mars Attacks and Roger from American Dad and so this is what I came up with second time around.

I felt much more comfortable the second time around and I feel this is a much more accomplished effort. When discussed further and if I'd had time to develop the character it was brought forward props that he may have such as a fishbowl and air pack for him to breathe and then maybe a ray gun.

After I'd finished this idea we were all given another quick character to splice and I picked out a Giant Cop. We were urged to not deal with background in an effort to express the size of our characters to which I thought I may struggle. So I came up with the idea that because he's a giant he didn't have a big enough police hat so I thought about having a police light tied around his head and then give him huge muscles with a vest and ripped trousers. Upon his feet to make him look more gigantic are police cars which he uses to get around quicker.

I enjoyed these classes and I look forward to researching and designing my own 3 characters for my Pirate Monsters cartoon reboot.

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