Friday, 3 December 2010

Ways in which we are immersing ourselves in the Uncanny Valley

After looking on google for creepy pictures of Dolls I came across an 'Adult' Doll photo which linked to an article on the way humans are immersing themselves in the uncanny valley.

Hearing many jokes around sex dolls which take on a much more realistic approach in the presentation I read on to find the strange article within on in which a man paid a company to make a sex doll of his dead lover. The creators found this sad, feeling sorry for the man. Yes sympathy is due it's horrible to lose a loved one but wouldn't it just feel like her corpse is there? Not only that but being intimate emotionally with 'it' it just seems so horrible. Check the article out:

Undoubtedly these look horrifyingly realistic this picture is creeping me out by making the eye contact. It's just so worrying the way in which they are used, and further that the technology advances the further this delves into the uncanny valley. 'Take the recent revealing of TrueCompanion's Roxxxy. She comes with programmable personalities, all of which are sexist stereotypes. Then it was discovered that one of these personalities, called Frigid Farrah, will spurn and resist sexual advances.' Doesn't this just turn it into something so much more sinister.....

Image from - accessed on 3/12/10

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  1. indeed, Max - personally, these sex dolls are so realistic (and yet inanimate) that it borders on necrophilia.