Friday, 3 December 2010

Uncanny Dolls

When I was younger I used to stay round my Nan’s house most Saturday nights. When I would wake up early on Sunday morning I would walk downstairs to the living room and watch the television waiting for everyone else to wake up. As I would reach the bottom of the stairs my sisters would have left a buggy with two dolls in front of the cupboard and this used to freak me out considerably. When I was younger I would suffer nightmares frequently and unfortunately these dolls when I visited my Nan would be sitting in their buggy at the bottom of the stairs. 

There were a few things that were creepy about these dolls, firstly being that they were twins but one of them had an off centre eye which brought heavy reminders of the horror of Sid’s house in Toy Story. The worst time I could recall of my imagination running wild in connection with these horrifying toys was when they were left in my Nan’s living room in which I would continuously glance at the doll’s fooling myself into believing that they were watching me. This ultimately led me to push the buggy out of the living room and into the hallway. But for some reason toy makers want to increase the creepiness by adding movement, thank god my sisters are interested in dolls anymore!
Another unfortunate fear brought through from my Nan’s living room was that from the Victorian China Dolls that she collected which stood on top of her piano. These weren’t as horrifying as the dolls in the buggy but still brought feelings of unease in which I would tell myself to keep an eye on them. After watching Barbarella the other week I joked to myself ‘That’s exactly why I was afraid of China Dolls’. 

A few Creepy Images:

 This image is so creepy, the dolls themselves have wide open eyes and look like they are staring at you.....Then you take the girl modelling them and it just adds to the eerieness of it all. Her smile looks so false, she looks almost frightened, raising an almost nervouse or anxious smile. She looks just as creeped out as me!

This is an image of a Porcelain doll which I found extremely scary as a child. They have human features yet the shine of their eyes and skin just make them look slightly menacing in a way. They seem so corpse like with their skin being so pale and they are propped up on a standing, standing there watching over you......

Images: - Porcelain Doll Photograph accessed on 3/12/10

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