Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Swing Ideas

Just some thumbnails of ideas for the swing in front of the house


  1. Interim Online Review 14/12/2010

    Hey Max,

    You're developing a number of motifs here - dolls/house/swing - but it's not clear yet if you're somehow intending to combine them into a single scene, or if they represent ongoing investigations. My advice would be NOT to combine them, as, in essence, they're all doing the same job and sending the same message, and if you combine them, I think the power of each would be lessened. Personally speaking, it's the playground that has the power here; I just did a quick web search on 'abandoned playgrounds' and found lots of wonderfully sad/spooky photographs of forlorn looking swings, climbing frames and roundabouts. I suggest that this environment needs simplicity and attention to detail - and a certain courage to use 'less to evoke more'. There is something constitutionally 'wrong' about a joyless playground, and I think simply by a sophisticated choice of viewpoint, great texturing, lighting etc., you could get your image to 'vibrate' - so yeah, be wary of overloading the message. You might want to consider setting your environment in a specific time and place/season - is it winter? is it dusk? is there snow? These small details can help you, so don't be afraid of keeping the concept pure and simple; let your audience do the work.

    Regarding your written assignment, Max, check out this link:


  2. Phil's absolutely right, and I love the playground idea! :)

  3. I do like the playground idea especially with it being covered in snow as well I have looked at a few images myself and there is a really awesome picture of this playground in the snow. It looks like something from Silent Hill, Thanks for the feedback Jon and Phil I will be looking into this idea thoroughly