Wednesday, 8 December 2010

@Phil Thinking through ideas

Basically after watching Mirrors I have been really put off of mirrors and have started to finalise in thinking of two different settings for my scene. Influenced by the final scene of the movie I was thinking of doing a twist on a dark street which is mirrored and in the reflections of the floor have the real street with wording the right way round creating the feeling of being in a mirrored world

This sort of idea but as if it was viewed normally rather than being mirrored letters. I was also thinking that the writings not only conveyed through neon signs but on the walls to be a bit more menacing with things that are strange displayed on them rather than the normal open sign. 

The other idea that I have is confining the scene within a childish bedroom. Again with the use of mirrors but I am not quite sure as to what I'm going to have the mirrors doing. For example I was firstly thinking of having the mirrors/mirror display a horrifying alternate to the childish surroundings like a pretty dolly reflected in the mirror as a decaying, stained one and the use of shadows to make normal things look menacing in their silhouettes. Or just a bedroom with mirrors with silhouettes of people pressing against them 


Neon sign - accessed on 8/12/10

Shadow figure - accessed on 8/12/10

Scary girl in the mirror - accessed on 8/12/10


  1. The last image is very pretty, Max.

    Mirrors: I will never forgive how they brutally dispatched of Amy Smart in the bathroom death scene. (Where the reflection takes control of her jaw. Talk about turning sexy into unsexy, especially after what happened, let's put it that way). Luckily, I was eating a party pack of Chilli Heatwave Doritoz at the time. I managed because of the awesome taste! :-)

  2. I know that scene was very gruesome, however the bit that made me jump though was the part where she is in the back of the car. Now it's scary driving :(
    Ha Chilli Heatwave are the best!! You finished them in true style....Like a Boss!!!

  3. Hey Max - you need to avoid the gruesome, I think - as it will undo any ambiguity in your scene. Keep it subtle; the point about mirrors is they are constitutionally creepy- so don't need too much augmentation to make them 'vibrate' visually. It's about trying to generate a visual form of 'suspense' - an unending 'about-to-be'.