Friday, 3 December 2010

Katrin Freisager

In looking at Freisager’s work there comes across a strong sense of tableau vivant. There are major instances of cropping of the rest of the image which give the photographs their uncanny-ness. The Untitled images all consist of bodies, limbs that have seemingly been placed in their position and seem lifeless, unable to move from their position.

This image was the first I came across and really stood out to me. There is so much linking to the uncanny in these images and from a glance could be interpreted to be the limbs of dolls. Not only that but the skin looks so pale and cold wrapped in bandages or tights providing a cold or seemingly deathly aura. 

‘Katrin Freisager's photoseries combines the concept of the model in the sense of photographic model (her photos are of living women and men lying on a mattress in such a way that they appear to be incapable of ever getting up again) with the tradition of the tableau vivant. The positions of and the relationships between the limbs create the impression of having been positioned by an outsider (the photographer) in such a way that they appear to be jointed dolls or marionettes that can be turned or twisted into any desired position—regardless of how anatomically absurd it may seem. All together, the series of bodies forms a kind of alphabet.’

 Another artist that I think works well with the use of dolls in their work is Cindy Sherman who shows dolls in provocative postions but seems rather disturbing because of their doll like features.


Untitled 2002 Katrin Freisager -
accessed on 3/12/10

Untitled #255" Cindy Sherman -
accessed on 3/12/10

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