Monday, 13 December 2010

Creepy House exteriors

Wanting to maybe move on from mirrors as I feel they were slightly holding me back I thought of the idea of house exteriors. Mainly the exteriors of abandoned houses with a few childlike objects littering the scene such as a small tricycle and dolls/broken dolls and a swing. 
Houses are supposed to be a welcoming place but as you can see from the above images they don't really seem to fit that description. The bottom image is especially creepy as the view of the house is hindered by the trees in the way and makes the bottom part of the house especially stand out with its shadows to give off the feeling of something lurking in them watching you.

I do feel like incorporating a style into my scene as well particularly influencing from Monster house
I like this poster for the film because the trees are slightly bent and to me that seems like the force of evil pushing them into that shape. With the lights as well and the bump in the middle in gives this look of the front of the house being a face.

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