Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Todays life drawing

Todays life drawing session was again enjoyable I am liking the fact we get to practice figure drawing each week. Our first task was to draw the figure in 40 minutes which I found to be the best drawing that I did today.

I found that the hand was in a hard position for me to draw but other than that I really liked this first drawing and feel that my shading is improving more and more as I use it.

After this exercise we were tasked to draw in 5 minute segments. I found this really hard to do and didn't like the pressure so I ended up with weak results because i panicked but hopefully I will build upon this and become more confident

Even though I did'nt finish it I think the hand was the best out of this section which I am pleased with as it shows I have developed my skills in drawing hands.

Lastly we had to draw the model only using straight lines and shapes such as triangles and 4 sided shapes. This did feel strange at first and I didn't know how to approach the drawing however when I got into it a bit more I found it enjoyable and I am pleased with the result.

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