Friday, 24 September 2010

First Photoshop and Maya tutorials

Today we had our first tutorials in May and Photoshop and they were awesome! With Photoshop I have always struggled with using it to actually create characters on screen with a graphics tablet and I have only used it to colour images (my colouring wasn't that good either). However we were taught to think of things as blocks and work from the inside out rather than outside in as this aids for a development in ideas if things aren't working out. The 3 hour tutorial flew past and I really enjoyed learning properly how to use brushes to block out a base silhouette to work with. These are my step by steps of what I achieved today (note this is not my intended idea to portray my hybrid creature but just a practice with brushes) :

As for the Maya tutorial we were shown the basics of the interface and taken through a demo of how to create dice and lighting them in an environment. I won't lie I am extremely intimidated by Maya but I can see Alan has put in a load of effort in providing tutorials for us to help which has taken a load off my mind and I look forward to learning from them.


  1. Hey dude!, you've got the lighting pretty downed pat on this! Maybe add a cooler, rim on the l;eft hand side? Give a little more depth?

  2. Hey man thanks for the comment and advice. After I've uploaded some quick studies and 5 drawings of my anatomy I may revisit the painting but yes it does need something more on the left side. Thanks for the pointer dude much appreciated.